How to adjust the neck size of a non-adjustable apron.

A non adjustable child's apron in pink, printed with a stand mixer and personalized name

No one likes a droopy apron, but not all aprons come with an adjustable neck. In fact, many high quality, unisex and children's aprons are non-adjustable. So, if you’re a small or average sized person and not a giant, the question must be asked: Is it possible to tighten the neck strap of an apron that does not have an adjustable neck? Yes, you can adjust the neck size of a non-adjustable apron, quickly and easily, following these four simple steps.

  1. Take hold of the neck strap on your apron, starting with your thumb underneath, and turn your hand over, creating a loop.
  2. With your other hand, hold the base of the loop. Tweeze your pointer finger and thumb through the loop, pinch the strap, and pull it through the first loop, creating a new loop.
  3. Pull the first loop tight, creating a knot around the new loop.
  4. Adjust the neck size of your apron.
    1. To tighten: enlarge the loop by pulling up on the movable side of the new loop.
    2. To loosen: on the moveable side of the loop, pull down on the apron strap, thus shrinking the loop.

Congratulations, you clever thing, you now have an adjustable apron. That was pretty easy, wasn't it?

Remember to remove the knot before washing your apron, otherwise it may be hard to untie.

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